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  1. Should you integrate and automate Microsoft Excel and Access?

    If you are like the majority of users of Vbaexpress.Com, you work with Microsoft Excel. At any moment in time there are far more people in the Excel forum on this site than all other forums combined, and for good reason, the world runs on Microsoft Excel. Excel is the most common and most used desktop productivity tool.

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    At least half the people in the Excel forum are here to learn. They may want to know what a Vlookup ...
  2. VBAExpress.Com, a free Microsoft Help Forum

    VBAExpress is a site where users can learn all about VBA (Visual Basic forApplications). This is the programming language for Microsoft Office, and is often referred to as Macros.

    For example many routine or complex tasks in Excel can be automated with macros. A macro is a set of instructions the application will run. This automation eliminates tedious work and also removes human error from the process. Running the macro is super easy, often as easy as pushing a button on the

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  3. Free Webinar on Power Tips for Using Microsoft Office Moving Data Between Them

    Power Tips for Using Microsoft Office:

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    Microsoft Office has been the dominant business productivity suite for many years now. As it has evolved, the various elements of the program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and others) have become more intertwined and interconnected to increase the functionality of the entire suite. While many users know how to work within the different programs, few people understand how to use the different ...
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  4. Windows 10 Training

    Microsoft is having a training session for Windows 10 that may be of interest. It is free. You can view more information here:


    Microsoft also has training courses available in their Virtual Academy. Most of these are free as well.

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  5. Jacob's VBA Tip #9 - Configuration ActiveX Controls

    In a recent project I have ActiveX Option Buttons on a worksheet. The worksheet is an inspection sheet and the Option Buttons are responses to questions and can be Yes, No, N/A.

    There are many sheets and each sheet has many questions but the design is similar. This means I can copy and paste the questions and then just update the specific question text.

    The problem comes in with all the ActiveX controls. They all need to be named, and lined to a specific cell so the values ...
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