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VBAExpress.Com, a free Microsoft Help Forum

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VBAExpress is a site where users can learn all about VBA (Visual Basic forApplications). This is the programming language for Microsoft Office, and is often referred to as Macros.

For example many routine or complex tasks in Excel can be automated with macros. A macro is a set of instructions the application will run. This automation eliminates tedious work and also removes human error from the process. Running the macro is super easy, often as easy as pushing a button on the spreadsheet.

If you do not know how to write a macro, and if you do not want to take the time to go though the forum, or learn on your own, reach out to Christopher@VBAExpress.Com and we will have a paid consultant help you, right away.

This automation can be applied to the other Office applications and these macros can allow for the applications to work together and leverage the strengths each has to build a quality final product. With VBA you can fully automate and integrate all of the Microsoft Office applications into one seamless solution.

For example you may have data that you receive in a CSV format, that data can be imported into Excel and calculations can be done on that data. The results can then be charted or reported in a table or dashboard. You can also have that data transferred to a Word template where certain sections of the document are then populated with this calculated data. You can then have the document converted to a PDF and even create an email in Outlook to send out the results.

At VBA Express we have forums setup for each Office application where users can post their questions to get the help they need. We also have a knowledgebase full of code examples that users can use for their own purposes. There is no charge to post questions and the responses come pretty fast.

With all of that said, Vbaexpress.Com is a site where you can ask questions on topics that are not related to VBA, such as:

  1. How to create Excel Formulas and Functions
  2. How to write a Union Query in Microsoft Access
  3. How to create tables in Microsoft Word
  4. How to write a Stored Procedure in SQL Server
  5. How to create a chart in Excel for the Apple Mac
  6. Etc.

VBA Express also offers free Excel training via recorded webinars covering all aspects of Microsoft Excel.

  1. Microsoft Excel Webinar Recordings
  2. Microsoft Excel Training Videos - CPE Coalition

VBAX offers Excel VBA training, written by Microsoft Excel MVP and Vbaexpress founder, Jacob Hilderbrand.

  1. Excel Academy is Microsoft Excel VBA Training (Introductory Offer: $99.95 (Normally $149.95))

If you would like to receive special promos and offers, as well as the Vbaexpress newsletter, register today.

Toll-Free: 844-VBA-HELP
Local (Irvine, CA): 949-612-3366

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