VBA Express Forum FAQ

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Can I ask about my homework here?

Please don't ask us questions directly out of your coursework materials. We are happy to provide direction and guidance for those studying VBA and other software. Be open about the fact that it is coursework, and you'll likely find yourself with more resources than you could possible need.

Can I ask hacking / cracking questions here?

Requests for help or answers aiding in the pirating of intellectual property or involving hacking/cracking of password protection of document files or software programs is strictly prohibited on the site. We are all professionals here and, as a community, it is our decision to respect the intellectual and potentially confidential property of others.

Please do not ask anyone to help with lost CD keys; you must contact the software supplier for this information.

Can I contact someone privately (via PM) if I need help?

Please don't PM other members directly with a question when there is a whole forum dedicated to the solving of such problems. We kindly ask that you post your question to the relevant subforum of this site as:
  • This is a free subscription forum and opens up your problem to many different viewpoints and levels of experience from which you can benefit;
  • Questions made public benefit the site and declare an unselfish wish to help others who may have a similar problem in the future by allowing them to search for a solution rather than post a question which has been answered before;
  • A direct enquiry, when unsolicited, is not regarded as proper netiquette as the person you are contacting may not have the time - or may not be willing - to help you;
  • Soliciting an individual response is akin to consultancy for which the person contacted may charge for their private services.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your problem.

Can I link to my personal websites?

Do not posts any links like this in forum posts (either by directly responding or adding it as a signature).

You are allowed to advertise your own site or share any other information about yourself in your user profile. You can edit that from the user control panel.

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