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    Frontpage edit

    Hi again,

    Need some help with Frontpage 2003 editing. I've used FP03 to create and post my website. Since I have used FP exclusively, I'm not sure how I can edit my FP site when not at home.

    As it turns out, I'm on vacation. My site has some text that needs to be edited/changed. Seems I don't have FP on my laptop. How can I make changes using another text editor? Is that even possible? Or do I need to wait until I get home to make these changes? I'm stuck! Short of having to go out and re-purchase another copy of FP to load onto my laptop....I'd appreciate any help.


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    I do not want to sound rude, but perhaps you should find out what is actually going on.

    FrontPage is an awful program, but it DOES work for people who do not want to look inside. Not that I am saying you do not, but if you do, you will know that OF COURSE you can edit your files. They are .html, or .htm files, yes?

    They are text files. Plain and simple. You can edit them in NotePad. All web pages were done in NotePad at one time. Until bloated programs like FrontPage came along.

    Just open any of your files in any text editor and have fun. Last time I looked FrontPage, took 26 pages of text, to do what pure WW3 compliant HTML did in 2 pages.

    But can you edit in another text editor...yes. I have a funny feeling though, that "edit" may mean something different for you. Bottom line is, all web pages are text files. Therefore they can be edited in a text editor.

    Your problem may be actually getting and posting them, as FrontPage uses its own extensions when it interacts with a hosting server. Which is why many people can not view web pages made with FrontPage.

    Because FrontPage integrates (hogs) its file access, you may have trouble with posting your files without it. If you do not have FP on your laptop, but you DO have "Net access, you will have to FTP the files to your server. If it will let you. FTP is the normal way of uploading files.

    Except for FrontPage of course, which does the same thing its own way... that is to say, slower.

    Do you have a FTP application? You can go to your site, view the source, copy the (ugh) source text into another text file, edit it with your changes; and with a FTP app upload the files back to the server.

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    LOL, Gerry. This web (well, not the forum) was created with FrontPage. Some of us don't have that coder brain that YOU have!

    That said....

    Ken: Our hosting here gives me the ability to edit my HTML files via the control panel. You could later download from the web to FP to match them up again. What hosting do you have? Can you check to see if they allow editing of the files through a control panel of sorts?
    ~Anne Troy

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