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Thread: Using embedded spreadsheets

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    Using embedded spreadsheets

    Hi, first time here. Not sure if this is a real VBA question or not.

    I am setting up a questionnaire in a Word document. A number of the questions request input of data (rows and coulmns of data). I would like to use the data entered in one table (embedded spreadsheet) to populate certain cells of a subsequent embedded spreadsheet.

    I thought I could use an embedded spreadsheet, copy the embedded object and use the different tabs (worksheets) of the spreadsheet to capture the data and have formulas between the worksheets to automatically populate the cells.

    My problem is that I cannot find a way to link or reference one embedded spreadsheet to another.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some Follow-up Info the Problem

    The challenge is that the questionnaire is distributed to respondents and so it is much more convenient to have it contained in a single file. Trying to do it this way is also imposed by a constraint to have the hardcopy look identical to the "electronic" copy that respondents willl complete.

    What I have come to learn is that when the link to the embedded spreadsheet object is first created, the field (displayed with Alt F9) has the corrrect path & filename for the Word doc. For example:

    {Link Excel.Sheet.8 "c:\\test questionnaire.doc" "_1242205181!Sheet1!R1C1:R3C3" \a \p }

    The first time the link is selected and you right click to open the link, the speadsheet opens but upon returning to the Word document, the field changes from the actual file name to:

    {Link Excel.Sheet.8 "Worksheet in test questionnaire.doc" Sheet1!R1C1:R3C3"
    \a \p }

    When you then try to open this linked object again, Word says the the filename is invalid or the link is corrupt.

    I have tried to replace the file name with the "filename \p" field, but Word overwrites this as well.

    Any suggestions???

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