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Hm please forgive me now I recall that You use Mac

I think it's time for You to leave the unhappy marriage between MS Office and Macintosh. It's better to run Linux then having a bad relation

No, I use Win 2k and Office XP at work. At home I use Mac, but very little with Excel (as for user interface, XL is better, but MS has left it badly crippled in VBA). I have downloaded NeoOffice/j to see what it offers. But at home that doesn't add much value for my work.

Because I work write/publish Biblical studies, teaching guides, Bible study guides, and theological papers for congregational and Bible College teaching, I have little need for spreadsheets. Thus, most of my home computer use is with MS Word, Nisus Writer Express, and Mellel; and I am using RagTime as a page lay out for a book I am putting together.
Anyway, I take this opportunity to Thank You for guiding me around among the softwares for Macintosh
You are welcome. One area I am exploring is Outliners, but not in the traditional sense. If you are interested in some advanced, and creative directions on the Mac (which is far, far ahead of Windows programs in this area), read Ted Goranson's series on outliners:

Extended Discussion of Outliners