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Thread: Maximize Excel window

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    Maximize Excel window


    I have a UserForm with a "Print" button. when i click it opens a print preview, but, because i minimized the Excel window at workbook open, with the code:
    Application.WindowState = xlMaximized 
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    it doesn't maximize the window and therefore i can't see the 'print preview'.

    Here is the code for the commandbutton:
    Private Sub CommandButton8_Click() 
    End Sub 
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    Function Time() 
        Application.OnTime Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 0.5), "showForm" 
    End Function 
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    Thanks for any help!!

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    A few notes:
    1. TimeSerial's arguments accepts Integers (you have a double for the Seconds parameter). And by the looks of it, you don't need the Application.OnTime method if the form will show up in half-a-second.
    2. You don't need the function "Time" because that 1 line of code can be executed in your CommandButton8 procedure.
    3. For your main problem, you can check if Excel's window is minimized, then act appropriately.

    Example code:
    Private Sub CommandButton8_Click() 
        Call showForm 
    End Sub 
    Public Sub showForm() 
         ' Check if Excel is minimized
        If (Application.WindowState = xlMinimized) Then _ 
        Application.WindowState = xlMaximized 
         ' Print preview...
    End Sub 
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    Hope this helps

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    Thank you soo much for you patiance!!!! I'll will try this and see what happens... But thank you for you answer and for giving a new look to the code. It looks much more good!

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