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Thread: Page set up in PDF-Creator software

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    Feb 2008

    Page set up in PDF-Creator software

    Hi to All,
    I came here after I gave up of answers in
    I have made a vba script for solidworks cad software to print a batch of drawings using the PDFCreator software version 0.9.5.
    Attach a link for tha basis of my script for the use of PDFCreator
    How do I force the pdfcreator to take the pagesetup setting of the printed document?
    When I send to print to PDFCreator a page with page setup of A3 it saves the document as it was printed on A4 and truncates the rest of the document.
    If I do it without the script, only manualy with PDFCreator the page is properly being saved without cutting any margins.
    I don't know how to set up the vba script so it will take the document original page setup.
    I will really appreciate any advice,

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    I would need more information for instance are we talking slddrw, sldprt, sldasm. Since you said drawings I will asume you use drawing files.

    How are you using pdfcreator? Are you sending the data to the printer or are you openinging pdfcreator and telling it to print the file.

    Anyways here is a function I use to setup the printer just befor I send the print command

    Private Function SetupPrint(ByRef modelDoc As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, ByRef application As SldWorks.SldWorks) As Boolean
    swaLog.MethodID = "SetupPrint"
    Dim objPageSetup As SldWorks.PageSetup
    Dim lngError As Long
    Dim lngWarning As Long
    Dim blnOkay As Boolean

    'Use the code below in ADOBEagent
    'Dim p As VB.Printer

    'For Each p In VB.Printers
    'If p.DeviceName = “ThePrinterIWantToBeTheDefault“ Then
    'Set VB.DefaultPrinter = p
    'End If
    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Validating ModelDoc2 object"
    If modelDoc Is Nothing Then
    Err.Raise (424)
    modelDoc.Printer = swaPrinterName
    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Configuring graphics and saving document"
    blnOkay = modelDoc.Save3(swSaveAsOptions_Silent, lngError, lngWarning)
    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Setting up page"
    Set objPageSetup = modelDoc.PageSetup
    objPageSetup.ScaleToFit = True
    application.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue swPageSetupPrinterDrawingColor, swPageSetup_ColorGrey
    End If
    End Function
    Public Function GetSheetNames() As String()
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim strSheets() As String
    ReDim strSheets(UBound(swaSheetNames))
    For i = 0 To UBound(swaSheetNames)
    strSheets(i) = swaSheetNames(i)
    Next i
    GetSheetNames = strSheets
    'GetSheetNames = swaSheetNames
    End Function


    And here is the print function
    Private Function PrintDoc(ByVal printFileName As String, Optional ByVal documentPath As String) As Boolean
    swaLog.MethodID = "PrintDoc"
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Dim strPath As String
    Dim error As Long
    Dim warning As Long
    Dim strPrevPrinter As String
    Dim DocType As Long
    Dim varPages As Variant

    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Checking file path"
    If documentPath = "" Then
    If swaFilePath = "" Then
    Err.Raise 422, , "Required property not set."
    PrintDoc = False
    Exit Function
    strPath = swaFilePath
    End If
    strPath = documentPath
    End If

    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Getting document type"
    DocType = GetDocType()

    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Opening document"
    Set swaModel = swaApp.OpenDoc6(strPath, DocType, swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", error, warning)
    Set swaModelDocExt = swaModel.extension
    swaApp.visible = False
    strPrevPrinter = swaApp.ActivePrinter
    Call SetupPrint(swaModel, swaApp)

    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Set variable for page names if drawing."
    If DocType = document.swDocDRAWING Then
    Set swaDraw = swaModel
    swaSheetNames = swaDraw.GetSheetNames
    swaDraw.ActivateSheet swaSheetNames(0)
    swaSheetCount = UBound(swaSheetNames)
    End If

    'Printing page
    swaLog.MethodID = "PrintDoc"
    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Printing document"
    swaModelDocExt.PrintOut2 varPages, 1, False, swaModel.Printer, printFileName
    swaModel.Printer = strPrevPrinter

    swaLog.BreadcrumbID = "Closing application"
    swaApp.ActivePrinter = swaPrinterName
    swaApp.QuitDoc swaFileName
    PrintDoc = True
    Exit Function
    swaLog.ErrorDescription = Err.Description
    swaLog.ErrorNumber = Err.Number
    Exit Function
    End Function

    This should get you started

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