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Thread: Inserting image into userform

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    Inserting image into userform

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to insert a picture into my userform, but when I use the properties pane to navigate to the file in order to insert it, the only file format that it allows me to insert is .wmf. It won't even let me select .jpg or .gif files at all.

    Can someone tell me if this is a mac only issue?

    Also I noticed that it will only let me insert the picture on the form itself, ie. if i use the picture button on the toolbar and try and click and drag out a picture size then insert an image, nothing appears in the picture placeholder. Is this another mac 2004 issue?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    I believe it is mac only, but I can be for sure because I don't own a mac, but it would be my quess, there seems to be alot of limiitations with VBA on Mac, I haven't played with the image frame yet, but you could try tt look under the proporties for that control and try to change to Jpeg (I know command buttons have [picture type] and other properties simpler under either the format or data tab depending on what controle it is you are looking at. all I can do is through suggestions out

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    Yes, I think it is Mac-only. If you know someone who still uses XL 97, you can ask them to check. My guess is that XL 97 would not be able to do this. Both are based on VB5, rather than VB6.

    When I was helping someone convert a project so that both Win and Mac users could share the userforms, there had to be some major adjustments to even make them work. And none of the changes could be made using Macs, only on the Win computers.

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