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Thread: Access 2007 Programming By Example

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    Access 2007 Programming By Example

    Access 2007: Programming By Example With VBA, XML, And ASP

    Currently I'm only about 1/3 of the way through this book, as I am actually working through it, but it has been such a good resource that I decided to post a review.

    This is a very good book for anyone who is new to Access programming, or someone with moderate experience who wants to learn more. This is not a book for total beginners, as it does not cover any of the basics, such as creating a table, Form basics, creating simple Queries, etc. This is only a programming manual.

    The book starts out very simply with basics about procedures, modules, and the VBE. It works you through a steadily increasing learning curve that can become challenging, but is very beneficial.

    Some topics covered in the first 9 chapters are:
    • Variables, Data Types, and Constants
    • Passing Arguments to Procedures and Functions
    • Loop structures and Case selects
    • Working with Arrays
    • Custom Collections and Class Modules
    • Debugging and Error Handling
    In later chapters the book will step you though the various methods and uses of DOA and ADO connections, and how to use these methods to access and manipulate records.

    As the title states, the book will also take you through the uses of XML and ASP with Access, but I haven't gotten there yet.

    Since this is a 2007 book, it does explain all of the new features of the .accdb format type, but it also covers the previous (and still widely used) .mdb format. All methods in the book (that apply) show .mdb and .accdb versions. Also the ribbon is covered in detail, along with a chapter that deals exclusively with customizing and controlling the ribbon.


    Like every good reviewer, I've got to point out the bad stuff too

    While this book is very good, there are occasional typos in the code sections that can cause a prodecure to error, even if you type it verbatim from the book. This can be very frustrating, especially since recognizing these typos would require some level of VBA knowledge.

    Also this book does not always follow the Option Explicit guidelines. This means that a very important Dim statement could be missing.

    Finally, this book does not always outline best practice, or the most optimal way of accomplishing things. The methods they show are very good, but they are not always the best.

    I do highly reccomend his book, however, because it has proven itself as a viable resource, despite its flaws.

    I've found a decent deal on Amazon:
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