Hi all,
I'm having an odd problem with one of my Word VBA macros on a single Mac (OSX
10.4.11 and Word 11.3.5) that splits or unsplits a User's active window via a
shortcut key.

Here's the code snippet:

Dim MyWindow As Window
Set MyWindow = ActiveWindow
If (MyWindow.Split = True) Then
ActiveWindow.SplitVertical = 100
ActiveWindow.SplitVertical = 50
End If

This macro is in a UserModule in a Startup template that all documents have
access to. The macro is executed via a shortcut key so that the User doesn't
need to use the GUI to manually split their active window into two panes.

The macro has worked fine on Jaguar, Panther and Tiger running Word X. In
March I upgraded one User's machine to Office 2004 and problems now occur for
some documents on that machine only.

The problem is that once the active window is split into 2 panes and the
User clicks in one pane and proceeds to page up or page down in that pane,
the other pane also pages up or down as the first pane page no. passes by.
I've not been able to repeat this problem on the development machine, even
with a copy of the document in question.

Any ideas about what might cause both panes to page up/down when the
screen/window is split? Has anyone else seen this problem in Word 2004? BTW
I also see this when I split the window via the GUI as well.