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    Exclamation Conversation Index

    Hi All,

    I am capturing the attributes of the mails coming to my inbox to a access database.

    The conversation index is the primary key i.e its unique.

    But I am getting instances at least 5 in 100 mails where I am getting duplicate conversation index..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Any idea why this is happening as technically all the conversation index should be unique.


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    The EntryId is unique.

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    Thanks Mavyak.

    But there is a difference between entryid & conversationIndex i.e.
    The first 40characters of teh conversation index remains same for one single email thread/chain. Henc using the conversation Index's first 40charaters we can pull the complete chain of that main, even if the subject line is changed.

    But it do not work the same way in case of entry ID.

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    Anybody have any idea why its happening ...????
    I am using outlook 2003

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