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Thread: Sound Files with Mac Excel Solution

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    Sound Files with Mac Excel Solution

    Playing sound files from Mac Excel is challanging. All routines I've seen for playing sound files rely on Windows API functions, that aren't on a Mac.

    So I put together this workbook that allows the user to select a sound file and have it played.

    Its been tested on the sound files included with Office, the sounds that come with OS X and the iTunes library.

    (It took me a while to find where stuff was stashed, here are some file paths
    Applications > MicroSoftOffice 2004 > Office > Sounds > many
    MacintoshHD > System > Library > Sounds > several
    merickson > Music > iTunes > iTunesMusic > artist files)

    It works by having Excel write AppleScripts as strings and use the VBA function, MacScript.

    In this example workbook, the user chooses a file. it is opened with QuickTime Player which plays the selected file.

    You should check that the file path Applications>QuickTime matches your situation. If not, the function scriptOpenFile needs to be modified.

    When you open the file, press the button, which calls Main.

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    I know this has been a while, but I can't find the example workbook metionned in the previous post. Is it possible that it was removed or something?

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    Unfortunately during an upgrade in the software almost all workbooks were removed, hence some of the threads will not make any sense at all.
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    Thanks Aussiebear, I figured, but I still thought I should ask just in case.

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