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Thread: Picture file problems on mac

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    Picture file problems on mac

    I have an application that I developed using windows/excel/vba and I tried to account for all of the win/mac incompatibility issues (at least the ones that are documented). I tried to compile it on a mac and much of it was fine, but there are two forms (of course, the main form was one of them) that didn't compile at all (when I look at the forms, these two have almost no controls on them). When I look at the items that did compile (those forms look fine) vs. the ones that didn't, the one thing that stands out is that the ones that didn't compile have images in them. Has anyone experienced an issue like this? Note: I have code in one of the forms to allow the user to change the image, but it's disabled on the mac (#if mac...) because of the known issue with the loadpicture method.

    Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    how about a sample workbook? I've got userforms with pics on them that work fine on the mac

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    Howdy. If you used ActiveX controls to make the UserForms, then they will not work on the Mac. Be sure to use the Forms toolbar to make the UserForms.

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