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Thread: modifying code using addfromfile method

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    modifying code using addfromfile method

    I am writing a macro which corrects code in many standard workbooks. I am working with Excel 98 for Mac. I have a loop which deletes all the code from a module using the deletelines method and then adds the corrected code from a file using the addfromfile method. The loop works correctly with the first workbook but not any subsequent workbooks. I've also noticed that the addfromfile method will work again if I edit the sub in any way (e. g., even add a comment). Why does the addfromfile method only work once?

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    I moved this thread to our Mac section.

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    Can you post a copy of the loop? (I'm not familiar with these methods, so I'd have to see your code to understand the question.)

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    Further detail

    This is the sub I want to run on each workbook:

    [vba]Public Sub MSmodMender()
    'replaces a module with a new module from a text file
    For Each i In Application.VBE.VBProjects("VBAMidasWrkShtProj").VBComponents
    If i.CodeModule.Name = "UpdatePhaseMod" Then
    'need to name the module to be replaced
    i.CodeModule.DeleteLines 1, i.CodeModule.CountOfLines
    'delete all lines in the module
    i.CodeModule.AddFromFile "cape cod:fmidas:closet:back shelf:UpdatePhases03042005.txt"
    'need to name the text file
    Exit Sub
    End If
    End Sub[/vba]

    First workbook is fine, then the AddFromFile statement does nothing unless I quit and relaunch or edit the procedure in some way (any way actually).

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    Hi Paul,

    FYI - if you enclose your code in [vba][/vba] tags then it will be formatted as per the VBIDE to improve readability.

    I've fixed this one for you!
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