I have a project plan where the time on the start dates are wrong. For example, I may have 12/19/2008 16:00:00 or 12/18/2008 15:00:00. I have been working with VBA code to reset the time to 12/18/2008 8:00:00 or 12/19/2008 8:00:00. What is occuring is that I am getting durations that are fractional, for example. 8.25. or 8.12.

There are too many to manually correct, so I searched the internet and found code to reset the durations. However, it is not working on all dates.

The code I am using as as follows:

    Set tsks = ActiveProject.Tasks
    For Each tsk In tsks
        If Not tsk Is Nothing Then
            If Not tsk.Summary Then
                sTaskID = tsk.ID
                dtStart = CDate(Format((tsk.Start), "mm/dd/yyyy")) + 0.333333333333333
                dtFinish = CDate(Format((tsk.Finish), "mm/dd/yyyy")) + 0.708333333333333
                tsk.Start = dtStart
                tsk.Finish = dtFinish
                dblDuration = Application.DateDifference(tsk.Start, tsk.Finish, Standard)
                dMod = dblDuration Mod 480
                If dMod <> 0 Then
                    dblDuration = dblDuration + (480 - dMod)
                End If
                tsk.Duration = dblDuration
            End If
        End If
    Next tsk
The Finish date is being reset to 5:00 PM, but the Start remains the same. I have tried to reset the duration, but this does not work.

What have I missed or what am I doing wrong?