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Thread: extracting connectivity data from visio

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    extracting connectivity data from visio

    I need some help with microsoft visio, I have a huge process flow diagram and I need to find out which pipeline was connected to which process unit/tank/node. I accomplished this by exporting the drawing to access(or excel works as well) and I used the beginX and endX value to identify the source and destination of each pipline but I have another problem.

    I have attached instrumentation shapes to each pipeline and I need to find out which instrument shape is attached to which pipeline as well but there is no beginx or endx for this. I was hoping that the pipeline report would have told me this but it doesn't, do you know of any way to get this information out? e.g. in the example PFD how can I know that pipeline P-1 is connected to I-2?

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    this is an example of what the drawing looks like when it is exported to excel. The highlighted columns are those that I can use to say what the pipelines are connected to

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