Hi. Can anyone help me please?

I have created a tool in Access with VBA. This tool, basically, searches other databases for dependencies, such as Hyperlinks in tables for example, as there are a number of databases that need to be relocated on a network.

So far I can open tables and queries and search them in the external database, but now I want to find string paths in these external databases within the modules.

Basically, when my tool is run it asks the user to select a database using a dialogue box. Once the database has been selected I use the 'opendatabase' functionality to search tables for any Hyperlinks, for example. If any Hyoerlinks are found a table is created within the tool database and this table is populated with information such as the external database table name, field name and the actual Hyperlink data.

What I need to do now is look into all external database modules. But, I canít seem to get visibility of them. I can get the module names but cannot open the module to search for a string.

The 'opendatabase' functionality is ideal for my table search as this does not open the external database as such, it seems to just create a link to it and then search it. This isnít the case with modules though.

The problem I have is that I do not want to open the external database as opening some of these databases causes certain functionality with the external database to happen and changes could be made to this database.

Sorry if this is a bit long winded. Iím not a VBA expert but have used VBA several times in the past.

I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with any help please.

Many thanks