Thanks to the VBAX admins for setting this up. Once again they have demonstrated why VBAX is the best forum on the web, they are all clearly dedicated to providing a shared resource that we can all use ay no cost and no effort, but without the over-arching control that other sites seem to need.

Anyway, I asked for this as a result of a conference I presented at last week, and because of my general experiences. Many people use SUMPRODUCT, but don't really understand its nuances, many people just don't get it all. Simon Lloyd and I thought it would be good to post a number of tutorial threads on SUMPRODUCT, and give you guys the chance to ask follow-up questions, post specific SP related questions and so on.

Zack also suggested we open it to other array functions, which seems a good idea as SP is really just an array function.

The intent is to be of a tutorial nature, so can I suggest that any questions posted are about how SP or array functions work, not about particular problems, in other words questions to help understand, not to solve a particular problem.

I will post the first in a series of SP How To Threads tomorrow.