Hi mdmackillop. Just found out minutes ago that the codes doesn稚 work when copying and pasting data into Column A, B & C in Sheet 1. There are no updates on both Sheet 2 & Sheet 3.

Usually I値l receive tables of data from my colleagues and then I値l just filter the data that I need and copy them into Sheet 1. When I need to enter say 50 rows of data each time I receive them, I値l insert 50 empty rows with the button then paste the data accordingly. I知 happy with what we致e achieved so far but it would be great if the codes accept 田opy and paste data.

On the other hand, it would be even greater if there is a dialog box that pops up requesting the number of rows to be inserted instead of adding one row at a time. A delete rows that works in mass will also be great. Regards.