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Thread: Running Multiple Macros from a command button

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    Unhappy Running Multiple Macros from a command button

    I have a command button and a whole bunch of macros. Rather than having one button for each macro I'd like to have just one button for all the macros.

    I've tried putting multiple "Run" commands into the On-click event e.g
    Run ("Macro1")
    Run ("Macro2")
    Run ("Macro3")
    but only the first run command executes.

    Can anyone suggest any way around this.

    Many Thanks

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    Well in the on click event you can call or run as many macros as you want.

    Call macro1 
    Call macro2 
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    Application.Run "Macro1" 
    Application.Run "Macro2" 
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    OR you can create a driver macro that contains a call to each of the other macros:
    Sub CallMacs()
    Call Macro1
    Call Macro2
    End Sub
    which is essentially what DRJ just suggested.

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    What macros do you wish to run please post them

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