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Thread: How to parse HTML file from VBA code into Excel ?

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    How to parse HTML file from VBA code into Excel ?


    I would like to do the folowing:

    - Open a HTML file from VBA code ( with a from )
    - Access <td> tags that have a specific attribute ( namely : class="font" width="220" )
    - copy the value of these table cells into Excel cells

    Is it possible ? If yes, then how ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    Sep 2004
    You want to import an HTML file into Excel using an Access form is that it? Why use Access at all? You can filter it with Excel.

    Also you need to be more clear on your explaination.
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    Nope. I wanna access the table that is i want to handle it from the VBA code. That has nothing to do with the Access DB SW.

    So i would like to open the HTML file from code ( like you open a worksheet with Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show ), and get the values of the previously mentioned table cells, and copy them into the table in the worksheet. Got it ?

    Its enough for me if i can open the file as a textfile, and then i can search in it, cause i know what tokens i need to search, but if i could open the file as HTML file, and search for the td tags with specified attributed its even better.

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    Something like this should get you started. First you need to create the example HTML file used by my code, so go to the VBA Express Excel Help Forum (I'm not allowed to post the link!) in IE and save the page as C:\VBAExpress_Excel_Forum.html using File - Save As - Webpage, HTML only.

     'Requires references to Microsoft Internet Controls and Microsoft HTML Object Library
    Sub Extract_TD_text() 
        Dim URL As String 
        Dim IE As InternetExplorer 
        Dim HTMLdoc As HTMLDocument 
        Dim TDelements As IHTMLElementCollection 
        Dim TDelement As HTMLTableCell 
        Dim r As Long 
         'Saved from www vbaexpress com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=17
        URL = "file://C:\VBAExpress_Excel_Forum.html" 
        Set IE = New InternetExplorer 
        With IE 
            .navigate URL 
            .Visible = True 
             'Wait for page to load
            While .Busy Or .readyState <> READYSTATE_COMPLETE: DoEvents: Wend 
                Set HTMLdoc = .document 
            End With 
            Set TDelements = HTMLdoc.getElementsByTagName("TD") 
            r = 0 
            For Each TDelement In TDelements 
                 'Look for required TD elements - this check is specific to VBA Express forum - modify as required
                If TDelement.className = "alt2" And TDelement.Align = "center" Then 
                    Sheet1.Range("A1").Offset(r, 0).Value = TDelement.innerText 
                    r = r + 1 
                End If 
        End Sub 
    Formatting tags added by mark007
    As noted in the code you need to modify it for your particular TD tags, i.e. TDelement.width = "220"

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    Example Works Great

    The example you provided works fine but when I try it on an on a company html page (same steps) and edit the search criteria it doesn't list any results.

    Here is a part of the html.
    <td class="graytext" width="50%">DBA Address</td>

    <td width="50%" class="text">7 Dwarfs Ln</td>


    If I search for "graytext" or "test" and remove your second variable it won't find anything. Could there be another issue?

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