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Thread: Convert AutoCAD 2010 files to AutoCAD 2007 Format

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    Convert AutoCAD 2010 files to AutoCAD 2007 Format

    Does anyone know of a way of converting all the DWG's in a folder from 2010 to 2007 format? I've never used AutoCAD before so just wondered if someone else had managed to acheive this instead of manually opening each drawings and using 'save as'?


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    They have a converter according to their website but the only one I could find was the 2007 one. You may have to join to get it.

    Then again you could write a script that opens all of the drawings and saves as 2007. I have no experience with 2010.

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    Hi Tommy - thanks for the link - I'll have a look at that.


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    If the file is not that big, I would do it manually, compatibility issues and crashing/corruption can happen while using converters

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    Thanks for the tip. I downloaded a free Autodesk application called TrueView in the end as it allows multiple file conversions, although I've had a few issues with things not appearing as I'd expect on the drawings so the architects have started double exploding files with ADT objects in and converting the drawings within AutoCAD 2010 before sending them to me and it all seems OK now.


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