The company I work for is in the process of converting to V2007. I have noticed that XLTM files I create outside the network (at Home) show the correct Icon and run flawlessly. However when I insert them in to the network they continue to show the 2003 version of a template. And when I speak to the "IS" guys/gals they seem to think that it does not matter. In addition to this the workbook will not open in protected mode on the network but does run from a protected mode on Home computer. It is important that this template be protected as it contains about 3200 sepertate/embedded formulas and about 135 macros. It has taken me over 3 yrs to build. I have created a control button to protect the XLSM that is created when opened by the initial user each day of operation. But to un-protect it does not ask for a passwrd. This tells me that the routine I recorded (even though it protects) did not record password of the routine. Clear the Cob Webs Please!!!

Edit: Is there a corilation between the system/network diplaying the correct Icon and the correct operation?