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Thread: Solved: Office 2010 Ribbom Customizations

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    Solved: Office 2010 Ribbom Customizations

    In 2010 you can customize the ribbon without XML or the CustomUI editor.

    The customizations seems to persist across Excel, etc. sessions.

    Does anyone know where the customizations are stored?


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    No idea how the post got doubled up. Time stamps are the same

    In 2010 you can export and import the customizations to/from an XML file that (sample)looks like this:

    <mso:cmd app="Excel" dt="1" /> 
    <mso:customUI xmlns:mso="[URL=""][/URL]"> 
    <mso:tab id="mso_c1.CCBC110" label="Design"> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtCreateGraphic"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtLayouts"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtQuickStyles"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtReset"/> 
    <mso:tab id="mso_c2.CCBCD6F" label="Format"> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtShapes"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupShapeStyles"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupWordArtStyles"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupArrange"/> 
    <mso:group idQ="mso:GroupSmartArtSize"/> 
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    but it's not where Excel, etc. seems to store its customizations


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