Hi all - been knocking myself silly with this.

I have a string of info (looks like hex?) that zlib was used to compress. I have that string, and simply want to de/uncompress it.

They all look like (with my added spaces for clarity):

000015a4 789c d59........
00001085 789c d597c16.......
00032fe4 789c ed7d5b......

and continue for a long time like that. But they all have the 8 digits followed by 789c - meaning zlib was used (and the 8 digits are some encoded form of original size..?)

I've used every little dll I could find -> zlib.dll, zlib1.dll, zlibwapi.dll, etc etc. None of them seem to work.

All i want to do is to put the string in cell A1, and in cell A2, say =uncompress(A1) and have it work.

Any help please? Killin myself here!