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Thread: Solved: Check if function has been called as sub

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    Solved: Check if function has been called as sub

    Functions can be called as subs, in other words, without the calling code making use of the parameter; in yet other words, not on the right side of an = sign. I feel a function should know if that is the case. For instance, wouldn't it be nice and elegant if we could write the following?
    Function ConcatStrings _
    (ByRef s1 As String, ByVal s2 As String, Optional ByVal sSeparator As String = " ") _
    As String
    ConcatStrings = IIf(s1 = "", s2, s1 & sSeparator & s2)
        If I´mASub Then s1 = ConcatStrings    ' Don't change the parameter unnecessarily.
    End Function
    Where I´mASub is something Boolean (a hidden parameter, or a function) that tells the function whether it has been called as a sub. Is there anything like that?
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