I was happy to learn that VBA was coming back to 2011 Excel.
But some of my heritage Excel workbooks with VBA macros, bomb out with Runtime Error 6, overflow.
For the most important workbook, all the values in the debugger highlighted line seem normal and in bounds.
Some modules approach the upper size limit of previous VBAs, but have always run flawlessly on 2004 for Mac & 2007 for Windows Excels.
The older VBA code does not use Activ-X, but does read data from workbooks and creates new workbooks (does that OK).
The bombs occur in different places when input is changed, but always on the same statement for the same input. Calculations appear appear correct up to the bomb. There is a lot of number-crunching and very little output. It's almost like it's a time-bomb or memory leak.
Does anyone know why this might happen? Does anyone else have the same problem?