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Thread: Congratulations xld

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    Congratulations xld


    Just noticed your latest post was 20001. I don't know what they'll bestow on you for that accomplishment, but I know I've learned a lot from reading your posts. I'm sure you know that a lot of us read the new posts every day but don't always ask a lot of questions. Please know that your efforts and wisdom are really appreciated. Thanks again, friend.

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    Many thanx xld. i have also got a lot of help from you...

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    thanks for etg, xld.

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    yes, thank you very much xld.

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    It might be a bit late to say congratulations but I just wanted to say your support and knowledge are really appreciated xld.. I've learned a lot from this forum..thanks very much to you and to others who make lots of effort to help.
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    Thanks a lot for all your help. You have been a strong support in my path of learning VBA.


    Feedback is the best way for me to learn

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    xld You're one of the best... You almost reply on all my queries. Thanks a lot! Still I am one of the best in Excel VBA in my company through the help of VBAX Express Forum. Thanks to all of you

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    xld has given me tremendous help in the past too. What a legend?

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    Sep 2004
    thanks for all the help Bob
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    thanks xld - i'm new here but was really surprised at how helpful people are on this forum and am learning a lot too reading other forums this community is a good example of people being helpful, respectful & polite not like the recent news on the bullying going on on tumblr, and people telling a teen girl to kill herself which she eventually did . Congrats to the admins for proving that this is possible.

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    Congrats xld, your help is greatly appreciated!

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    I'm pretty new here so don't know much but 20001 is a great achievement by all means!!!

    Look forward to learning from you!

    I'm here to learn and explore the Magic of VBA

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    Same as Spiwere, I am a newbie in VBA world.
    Nice to meet you guys!

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    Welcome ethanchu!

    This is a wonderful place to be in:-)

    Good luck!!!
    I'm here to learn and explore the Magic of VBA

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