Hi, All,

I have a program that I developed on my PC with assistance from MD Mackillop.

My current challenge is 'hardening' it so I can give it to a group of 10-12 coworkers, some of whom are not adept with Excel. And, they'll all be using MacBook Pros with XL2004 (we also have XL2008 but not 2011).

The Mac Pro desktop that I use is sequestered at work, so, this weekend I'm trying to remember XL2004's differences so I can finish the program, here at home, and just test it Tues when I return to work.

As I recall from work I did in 2007 with XL2004, the userforms I developed on the PC did not play on the Mac. Is this memory right or wrong? If it is, will VBA on XL2004 respond to command buttons on the XL sheet?

My ideas for hardening are to:
1. put the workbooks with the program, the source data, and the target worksheets (3 workbooks) in a folder,
2. have the user install this folder on his/her desktop (by unzipping it),
2. place a command button on the program worksheet to initiate the program,
3. have the program open the source and target files,
4. the program will walk the user through selecting questions for a test by repetitively presenting groups of questions from which the user selects one by clicking on any cell of the row containing the question.
5. Once all the questions needed for the test are selected the process ends.

If XL2004 will not respond to command buttons, what other choices do I have? Am I limited to locking the code and having the users use Tools > Macros > select the macro on the list and click Run?