i've been trying to use the great code for the calendar control that bluecactus posted on the KB (i'm newbie and I couldn't find a way to post my comment there).
Unfortunately it crashes my excel :-(
And it is the same on all the other Macs i tested it on.

Just for your info I've got:
MacBook pro
Office 2011 (fully updated and original)

and the log I've got after crashing is:
Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0

Error Signature:
Date/Time: 2012-02-01 09:45:56 +0000
Application Name: Microsoft Excel
Application Bundle ID: com.microsoft.Excel
Application Signature: XCEL
Application Version:
Crashed Module Name: Fm20.dylib
Crashed Module Version: unknown
Crashed Module Offset: 0x0000bf5d
Blame Module Name: Fm20.dylib
Blame Module Version: unknown
Blame Module Offset: 0x0000bf5d
Application LCID: 1040
Extra app info: Reg=en Loc=0x0410
Crashed thread: 0

Don't know if this can help you somehow
thanks anyway for the great job!