The script below works performs the following.

It checks you open browsers to match the title. In that IE window it tries to find a specific text field to enter information. This all works like a charm, however, as it is now the page I am working with is quite annoying. What it does is that within the page there is a popupform (when one clicks a button , in java) (not a new IE window) with the textbox I want to be filled.

This popup has its own code and title and can thus not be found by using the original IE title. But since it does not open in a separate IE window I cannot search for IE title, neither can I use the URL of the popup.

Is there a way to search all the popup within the page with the specified title (Title: JavaSocksPopup), alternatively use my script to click the button (which should be a problem), and then change to the new popup form and fill it in?

I know that this is a long shot but doing this manually is killing me… (copy paste copy paste etc…)

[VBA]Sub Button3_Click()
'find the right internet explorer webpage
Dim allExplorerWindows As New SHDocVw.ShellWindows
Set allExplorerWindows = New SHDocVw.ShellWindows
Dim IEwindow As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
Dim foundFlag As Boolean
foundFlag = False
For Each IEwindow In allExplorerWindows

If TypeName(IEwindow.Document) = "HTMLDocument" Then
'check the title

If IEwindow.Document.Title = "Sockparty Detail" Then
' we found the right window then

IEwindow.Visible = True

'get the pages entire main IE document
Dim mainDoc As HTMLDocument
Set mainDoc = IEwindow.Document

mainDoc.all("socks_S").Value = "375"

End If
End If
End Sub[/VBA]