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Thread: Copy more than 1024 characters to a cell

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    Copy more than 1024 characters to a cell


    I'm trying to copy data from a database into an excel.
    However, the problem is for certain columns in my database,
    the number of characters exceeds 1024.

    So on copying it to an excel, it gives me the "recordset" error.

    Can someone please give me a macro of how I can copy and paste
    more than 1024 characters into a cell in excel.


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    Mac Moderator VBAX Guru mikerickson's Avatar
    May 2007
    Davis CA
    I can't reproduce this error.
    Playing around with =REPT("X ",2000) in A1 and =LEN(A1) in A2,
    copying, pasting, pastevalues all handle the 4000 characters.

    What version of Excel are you using?

    Have you looked at the DataObject, perhaps the clipboard could be parsed before it is put into cells.

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