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Thread: Custom Menu Bars

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    Custom Menu Bars

    When I create a custom menu bar, and add a dropdown list to the bar, the list is poorly shown. It is created just fine. All elements are present.

    But the display in the 'unclicked' state sucks. It shows the bottom half of the first row and the top half of the second row. I attach a gif of the result.

    I tried to increase the height of the bar and of the dropdown, to no avail.

    Any suggestions?
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    What code do you use to populate the control?

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    Here is the 'solution'. It really wasn't two lines being combined. It was the fact the the first line was 'too long', and it was wrapping. I cannot determine (nor did I try) as too what 'too long' is. Is is not just longer than the set width of the drop down, it is much more than that. But my first line was very long. (at least 80 characters) so 80 characters combined with a list width of 125 px is too long.

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