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Thread: hide 0 values in pivot table

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    hide 0 values in pivot table


    The "World" field is in one column and the "Total" field is in another column. I want to make my pivot table to not show data from "World" that has the value "0" in the "Total" field. This is my code :

    [vba]For Each PivItem In _
    PivItem.Visible = True
    Next PivItem

    ' Now - loop through and keep only certain items visible
    For Each PivItem In _
    Select Case PivItem.Name
    Case "-", "(blank)"
    PivItem.Visible = False
    Case PivItem.Value = 0
    PivItem.Visible = False
    Case Else
    PivItem.Visible = True
    End Select
    Next PivItem[/vba]
    Pretty please help me kind souls
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    Wouldn't you just hide the row item for the zeroes? What is the row label?
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