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Thread: Copy shapes using hyperlink

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    Copy shapes using hyperlink

    Hey guys... Greetings from Portugal...

    I have a .PPT file with several slides. In each slide there are 4 diferent shapes, and all of those shapes have the same hyperlink that leads to the last slide (this one has no shapes, it's totally blank). What I need is a code that, when I click in a specific shape, it copys this specific shape to the last slide.

    Any ideias? Thanks...

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    Try adding this code to a module.

    Give every shape that you want to click an action of Run macro "copyme"

    [VBA]Sub copyme(oshp As Shape)
    With ActivePresentation.Slides
    End With
    End Sub[/VBA]
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    Great minds think alike... =) A solve my question yesterday with your ideia... Thanks any way

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