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Thread: ComboBoxes not clickable

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    ComboBoxes not clickable

    Good Morning,

    I have a slide with one visible combobox and 4 hidden comboboxes when a user enters it. The user is able to use the visible combobox, then they are to click on a shape that is associated with a macro. When I am using Kiosk mode (Slideshow mode doesn't work at all), they click on the shape and the combobox appears by reseting Visible from False to True. However, they are unable to use the combobox (it looks a little funny like it's a picture instead of a combobox). When I exit the show and re-enter, they are able to use the box. Do I need to somehow activate the combobox once I make it visible?

    Thank you,

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    Solution Found!

    Just needed to refresh/reset the page and it started working. Thanks to John Wilson on another board!

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