Hi All,

Not really sure if this is the right forum to be asking this on but I'm hoping you can help.

I have been asked to create a presentation in PowerPoint in which one of the slides demos some of the content from our web site.

The content to be demo'd is a flash animation which simulates a "page flipping" effect within a book. I have the SWF file that provides the page flipping effect and have linked a shockwave object in my slide to this file, but all the pages I need to add to the animation are individual JPEGs.

Can I call these JPEGs up into the shockwave element using VB? Is this the best way to go about this? If not, what would be a better way?

I hope this makes sense to you all, maybe I haven't really described it very well as I'm a total noob and not really sure what I'm doing! :/

Any help greatly appreciated!