I have been writing VBA code for some time. I recently discovered I can navigate Web sites using VBA. I managed to find some bits and pieces of code on the Web that have enabled me to do a few basic things. So, for example, from within Outlook, I can click on a button and the code fires up IE and logs me in to a specified site.
My problem is I want to learn more. My traditional approach is to get the biggest thickest book I can find and go through it. Problem is I can't find a book! I can't find a site. If a defined body of knowledge exists for this, I don't know where it is.
Part of my problem is that I don't know what I should be looking for. Is it VB.net? I never understood the .net thing, despite having heard a dozen explanations. I am a lone non-programmer who merely does his own coding for his own purposes.
I found a few things on the Web, like an object model for IE. But the explanation of how most it works is lacking. It's all been scraps.
To clarify fully: I want to learn more about how to navigate and use Web sites using VBA. Another example is I would like to write code to post bulletins on our SharePoint intranet bulletin board.
Can sometime tell me where to look? Is there a book that covers this? That would be my first choice. Next would be Web-based tutorials.

Thank you