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Thread: TAB Order Workbook on KB

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    TAB Order Workbook on KB

    Hi Byundt and others

    I have downloaded your workbook from VBAX KB for the tab order. It works very well. I have about 20+ tabs and have modified the code to suit.

    However with your sheet and my sheet both do the same thing. That is when entering data and you go back to an earlier entry on the same page and want to change the value, when you hit 'Delete' key it deletes all the data from all of the tab order cells you have entered, meaning you have to start again and enter data accurately.

    Is there a way to stop deleting all data on tab cells?

    Is it feasible to use an 'event, ie pressing of 'delete' key to tell it only to delete value in 'active cell' ? I have tried to do this but got lost in the process.

    Your comments would be much appreciated.


    Charlie Harris

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    Moderator VBAX Guru Aussiebear's Avatar
    Dec 2005
    Record the order of setting up the tab order and set it as a macro to fire after the delete function
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    Hi AussieBear

    Thanks for your response. I hope I have interpreted your post correctly. I have set up a new event macro, as I think you meant, but not working at this point of time. Type 13 mismatch.

    Can you look at attached WB and comment. Maybe I have got it all wrong!


    (the Kiwi)
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