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Thread: Save as to network directory

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    Save as to network directory

    Let me start by saying i'm a Mac noob to say the least. I have an excel sheet that works great for my PC users, but i need to modify it for my Mac users as well. For the most part, i have changed everything i need to, however i'm totally stuck on the save to function for Mac

    I need my users to have the ability to save to a specific network location even if they don't have a mapping to the location. i was able to do this very easily for my PC users with the below line:

    ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="\\atnyfs01\ispub$\Help_Desk\New Hire Backup\" & Sheets("New Hire Form").Range("C14").Value & " " & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & Format(Time, "hhmm") & ".xls" 
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    This sames the file to the correct location and gives a unique file name.

    If anyone can help me translate this to be able to do the same function on a MAC it would be appreciated.

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    Doing more research, it looks like 1 solution could be through code, mounting the drive to the location i'd like the file saved to, saving a copy locally and then copying to that mounted location.

    Then unmounted and deleting the local file for cleanup.

    This has proven to be much easier said than done.

    If there is anyone that could assist with this it would be appreciated.

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