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Thread: Syntax for opening file on server...

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    Syntax for opening file on server...

    I have many macros coded in VBA for Word on PCs... I am attempting to copy the module to Word for Mac... I can export and import the module fine... My problem is that reference for the server is obviously different...

    For the PC version, I have:

    Documents.Open FileName:="\\JM\USERS\USERS\SHARED\WordDrop\Administration\Hotel Rates.doc"

    On the Mac, I have the Shared folder already accessed on available on the bottom... How would I have to modify this to work on the Mac???


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    I figured out part of this...

    I changed

    Documents.Open FileName:="\\JM\USERS\USERS\SHARED\WordDrop\Administration\Hotel Rates.doc"


    Documents.Open FileName:="\\JM:USERS:USERS:SHARED:WordDrop:Administration:Hotel Rates.doc"

    The error message that it can't find the file is gone and the macro doesn't go into debug... However, it doesn't open the file either...

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