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Thread: Import text from word document into excel

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    Hi Macropod,

    I do not have permissions to post new threads yet since I recently registered. My need is to pull all text for each header or section. The document is indeed a combination of free text and table text and so 1) I am curious if it is possible to write a macro that can combine both of these, and 2) how I would go about writing the macro to pull the text to the right or within a header location within the document. Any help would be much appreciated with the limited permissions I have at this point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kayfreed89 View Post
    I do not have permissions to post new threads yet since I recently registered.
    That just isn't so. There would be no point in allowing people to register but not then start a thread describing a problem they need help with. As I said in my previous reply, you should start such a thread, setting out the full details of what you're trying to achieve - and include a sample document with some representative data.
    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Hello Macropod,

    Recently i have seen the macro you have written for import text from word to excel. Based on your macro, i have copied more than 100 word docs in to sample file and run the marco (demo file).

    The macro is picking up only the first word sheet and rest not picked by macro.

    I cant attach the files for your reference. Can you please help me in getting the details for all word docs.

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    It's hardly surprising that a macro I wrote for an entirely different scenario doesn't work for yours. This kind of document parsing is very particular. In this case, the macro was only ever coded to extract one set of data per document, not multiple sets. You're lucky you got anything meaningful... The problem in this case is of your own making:
    i have copied more than 100 word docs in to sample file
    You should NOT have done that!
    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. The macro is working abosolutely fine, instead on copying all resumes in one word document, i started saving each resume and kept the file name as samplereport 1, 2, 3 etc.

    All the resumes data got imported to excel based on the format updated in demo file.

    Many thanks for your macro.. it has saved me lot of time and work pressure.

    Naveen Rao

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    I am posting this message to access the information posted above. Thank you.

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