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Thread: Import text from word document into excel

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    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for your reply. The macro is working abosolutely fine, instead on copying all resumes in one word document, i started saving each resume and kept the file name as samplereport 1, 2, 3 etc.

    All the resumes data got imported to excel based on the format updated in demo file.

    Many thanks for your macro.. it has saved me lot of time and work pressure.

    Naveen Rao

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    Quote Originally Posted by macropod View Post
    See attached workbook. It has a macro named 'UpdateData' that will populate the columns for which names exist. Simply point the macro's browser to the folder containing the files you want to process.

    As I'm not sure which bits of the remaining data you're after, I haven't finished the code yet. If you could clarify what's supposed to happen where multiple paragraphs are involved, which other fields you want and what you want to do about the bracketted 'normal' ranges, more progress can be made.

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    Thread closed. And further discussion on issues related to the discussion in this thread should be started in a new thread - referencing this one if appropriate.
    Paul Edstein
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