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Thread: macro excel report flickering

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    macro excel report flickering

    hi all,

    i am extracting a ASCII file to get a excel report... i have done it.... what i did is i recorded the macro...and did all column row adjusting in it...when i open my report it opens fine but since macro as recorded all the code to design the flickers while loading...i want the report to freeze and load without any flickering any though in that.... do help.......thanks in advance

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    hi all i used Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.ScreenUpdating = true... in my code and stopped the flickering but the focus turns to 14 th or 15 th record after my report finishes loading how can i get the focus back to a1 or a3... do help

    thanks in advance

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    Mac Moderator VBAX Guru mikerickson's Avatar
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    Application.Goto will direct the selection to where you want it.

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    thanks mikerickson for the reply...

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