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Thread: excel 2010 windows 7 64 bit hangs fooooorever

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    excel 2010 windows 7 64 bit hangs fooooorever


    I have a workbook that works fine on my PC (XP Excel 2007). When the workbook is used on a Windows 7 64 bit Excel 2010 PC on the same network it is sloooooooow. It hangs for ages when doing most things.

    I have narrowed it down somewhat and have copied a single sheet of data that has some transactional data plus some columns of formulae alongside each row and if I try to filter the sheet e.g. for all start dates in 2010 it takes forwever on the 2010 PC and the same when you unfilter it.

    On the 2007 PC it just flies through.

    Has anyone come across the same/similar problem???


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    is it automatically updating the formulas? this can be a slow process in a large workbook, you can fix it by setting calculations to manual (giving you control over when the workbook recalculates the formulas instead of it happening every time you do anything)
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    The workbook isnt very large. In the sheet I mentioned there is about 5000 rows and 25 columns.

    It is recalcing the sheet which is what slows it down (if I delete the formulae columns the problem goes away) but it really shouldnt as it flies through on my XP machine.

    Setting it to manual isnt a possibility due to how the workbook is used. It would need to be recalculated a lot to give the most up to date figures defeating the purpose.

    The problem is why is the Office 2010 Windows 7 64 bit environment making such a meal of the recalculation when XP does it in a second!!


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    Damn, thats a good question and sadly one to which I do not know the answer...

    are you using references in your calculations like "A:A" instead of "A2:A100"? that might speed things up for you a little
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    Hi philfer,

    I use O2010 with W7 64-bit here and it works like a charm. Do you have any VBA in this workbook?
    Any chance you could post the workbook here?
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    Carlos Paleo.

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    example sheet

    Hi Carlos,

    Hope you are well.

    I watched the Olympics being passed on to you guys last night at our closing ceremony. A great games all around!!!

    I have attached a zipped worksheet.

    If I filter column A, say, for 2010 and then remove the filter (not clear it but remove it) it takes about one or two seconds on my XP machine but takes, what feels like an age on the Excel 2010 W7 64 bit machine.

    Do you experience the same thing?

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    Anyone get a chance to look at this worksheet??


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