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Thread: Browse button for Photos to Upload in Userform (MAC)

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    Browse button for Photos to Upload in Userform (MAC)

    Hi! I have Excel 2011 and using Mac.

    Problem: I have a userform with:

    1) A command button (cmdPhoto) that must browse files (specifically for photos/images).
    2) Then it will be shown in a frame on the same userform (frmUploadPhoto).
    3) After I chose a photo and have shown on my userform, when I click SAVE, it must be posted in cell G2.
    Note: I already have a code for the SAVE button that the information in the userform will be saved in a new worksheet.

    Please help me here... You can see the screenshot of the userform here..
    Thanks a lot!!!
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    Loading an image into a userform at runtime doesn't work on a Mac.
    One could write a routine that
    1) Asked the user to find an image.
    2) Opened QuickTimePlayer (resizing it and Excel so that the user can see the image in QT)
    3) Put that image on a worksheet, when OK was pressed on the userform.
    4) Closed QTplayer and resized everything.

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