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Thread: Data from one wks to others

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    Data from one wks to others

    Dear All
    I have 10 wks in the attached workbook, namely:
    1. 1) ICU
    2. 1) GW
    3. 1) Inpatient
    4. 1.1) Consolidation
    5. 1.2) PT – Consol
    6. 2) Usage
    7. 3) Consum.
    8. 3) Drugs 1
    9. 3) Drugs 2
    10. 3) Drugs 3

    and what I would like to achieve is, the final results to bedisplayed in those last four wks (wks 7-9).
    For wks 1-3, thecode, description and prices are provided by each dept and the details inputtedare varied even though it is for the same item.
    When all these come to me, I try to standardize all the itemsby giving it a ‘Final Name’ as shown in Col F in wks 4. Then I use pivot tableto tidy up the data (wks 5).
    When it comes to billing, a patient’s usage will besummarize in wks 6 by a clerk and ultimately transferred to wks 7-10 manuallyby another clerk. As a result, it is always prone tohuman mistakes. Like the quantity miscalculated, entered into wrong column orcell, etc.
    Would someone kindly provide me with VBA code that
    1) the data can be transferred from wks 6 to wks 7-10 automatically?
    2) Will take up the highest price from wks 5 anddisplay in wks 7-10?

    Thank you so much for your constructive input.
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