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Thread: currency change on an estimate

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    Jan 2013

    currency change on an estimate

    I am brought to make estimate for various countries with various currencies.
    J have an estimate , but every time I have to change all my various compartments to change the currency

    How is it possible for example to say that if my case E13 (which contains automatically everything the choices of various currencies) ex: dollars, sterling, euros, yen

    How I can have for example my case K34 exactly the same that my A1 (I believe i know) but especially all my cases under K34 or (K35 has K48) in the size(format) of the currency(change) chosen in E13

    Ex if dollars chosen in E13 I want that my amounts of (K35 has K48) or automatically in $
    conversely in if E13 is in sterling .

    I am french and i hope guys that's clear enough to give you the mood to help me

    Thank you for your help
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