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Thread: Solved: Sort / Filter Slicer Entries

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    Solved: Sort / Filter Slicer Entries

    Just dipping a toe into the PowerPivot waters and experimenting with slicers using a regular PT

    Q1 -- Is it possible to have the slicer entries sorted other than A-Z?

    Example: I have a PT with states sorted High to Low based on sales $. The Slicer shows the states A-Z, and I'l like to have the slicer sorted high to low by $

    Q2 -- Is it possilble to have the PT Top 10 filter reflected in the slicer choices?

    Example -- Instead of the slicer showing 50, just show the top 10?



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    1. No - you have only A-Z, Z-A and custom lists available.
    2. No, I'm afraid not.
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    1. Darn
    2. Darn

    That's what I was afraid of.


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    Would be nice functionality though - I'll suggest it for the next version of Office.
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